2011 - M.S. in Animal Studies

Degree Requirements

These requirements apply to students admitted before June 1, 2012. For the current degree requirement list click here.

Course work for the master's degree in Animal Studies requires 36 credits as follows:

Foundation Courses (15 credits):
AP601 Animal Protection as a Social Movement
AS605 Animals and Ethics
HL606 *Applied Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving
HL607 *Communication Skills for Animal Protection Professionals
HL640 Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods

Core Courses (6 credits):
AS600 Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Animal Studies
AS602 Sociology of Animal Abuse

Electives (6 credits):
AS601 Understanding the Human-Animal Bond
AS606 Animals and Literature
AS613 Global Animal Issues
AS616 Animal Behavior, Animal Minds, and Animal Protection
AS617 Animal Protection and the Environment

Field Placement and Thesis Courses (9 credits):
AS797 Animal Studies Field Placement
AS798 Animal Studies Thesis I
AS799 Animal Studies Thesis II

*Courses must be taken during the first 3 enrolled terms