AS600 Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Animal Studies

Course Description

Animal Studies, a rapidly growing and evolving field, provides an interdisciplinary approach to examining the changing roles of animals in society, the evolution of human attitudes to other animals, and the animals themselves. This course draws upon the expertise of scholars in a sampling of the disciplines to examine what each contributes to Animal Studies and, in turn, what Animal Studies contributes to the disciplines considered. 3 credits

Course Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history of Animal Studies and of the growth of its interdisciplinary reach.
  • Identify the major issues different disciplines raise about the relationship of nonhuman animals and human animals.
  • Analyze how each discipline, independently and in concert can be used to educate humans about nonhumans and their obligations to nonhumans

Course Topics

(Subject to Change)

  • Biological perspectives
  • Geographical perspectives
  • Historical perspectives
  • Literary perspectives
  • Political perspectives
  • Sociological perspectives

Course Materials

Required Materials (Subject to Change)

  • Beers, D. (2006). For the Prevention of Cruelty: The History and Legacy of Animal Rights Activism in the United States. Athens, OH: Swallow Press.
    ISBN: 978-0-8040-1087-0
    Approximate Retail Price: $18.36
  • Bekoff, Marc and Pierce, Jessica (2009). Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals. University of Chicago Press
    ISBN: 0780226041636
    Approximate Retail Price: $11.20
  • Gary L. Francione and Robert Garner (2010). The Animal Rights Debate: Abolition or Regulation. Columbia University Press
    ISBN: 978-0234-23-41
    Approximate Retail Price: $14.70
  • Michael Morpurgo (2007). War Horse. Scholastic Press
    ISBN: 13-978-0439796637
    Approximate Retail Price: $6.98

Recommended Materials (Subject to Change)

  • Bekoff, M. and Biessley, C., eds. (2007). Listening to Cougar. University of Colorado Press
    ISBN: 978-0870819360
    Approximate Retail Price: $9.99
  • Bekoff, M.(2010). The Animal Manifesto: Six Reasons for Expanding Our Compassion Footprint. New World Library
    ISBN: 1577316497
    Approximate Retail Price: $14.95