Department of Animal Studies

Faculty List

Faculty Education Course(s)
Jonathan Balcombe
PhD in Ethology, University of Tennessee Animal Behavior, Animal Minds, and Animal Protection
Sarah Bexell
PhD in Early Childhood Education/Conservation Animal Protection and the Environment
Kitty Block
JD, George Washington University Global Animal Issues
Eileen Crist
PhD in Sociology, Boston University Food Choice and Animal Protection
Marion Copeland
PhD in British Literature, University of Massachusetts/Amherst Animals in Literature; Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Animal Studies
Aubrey Fine
EdD in School Psychology, University of Cincinnati Understanding the Human-Animal Bond; Animal Assisted Interventions for Youth At Risk
Michael Greger
MD Tufts University School of Medicine Global Animal Issues
Leslie Irvine
PhD in Sociology, State University of New York/Stony Brook Sociology of Animal Abuse
Merriellyn Maldonado
MS in Clinical Social Work, The University of Tennessee/Knoxville Sociology of Animal Abuse
Lori Marino
PhD in Biopsychology, State University of New York at Albany Evolution, Animal Minds and Behavior
Nathan Nobis
PhD, University of Rochester Animals and Ethics
Kelly O'Meara
Global Animal Issues
Andrew Rowan
DPhil in Biochemistry, Oxford University Global Animal Issues
Teresa Telecky
PhD in Zoology, University of Hawaii at Manoa Global Animal Issues