HL333/633 Fundraising for Animal Care and Protection Organizations

Course Description

This course examines fundraising strategies specific to non-profit settings, particularly animal care and protection organizations. The course looks at how to develop fundraising plans, meet legal and ethical obligations, identify donor audiences, and use technology and the Internet to optimum advantage. 3 credits

Course Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the function of fundraising in non-profit organizations.
  • Identify a range of fundraising strategies required for strengthening and maintaining animal care and/or protection organizations and delineate advantages and disadvantages of each strategy
  • Design and evaluate fundraising plans for animal care and/or protection organizations.

Course Topics

(Subject to Change)

  • Fundraising Fundamentals
  • Developing a Fundraising Plan
  • Ethics of Fundraising
  • Organizing the Organization
  • Fundraising Strategies
  • Making Your Event Special
  • Effective Use of Technology
  • Grant Writing

Course Materials

(Subject to Change)

  • Dowling, J. (Ed.). (2005). Shelter Management Series: Fund-Raising for Animal Care Organizations. Washington, DC: Humane Society Press.
  • Mutz, J. & Murray, K. (2006). Fundraising for Dummies, Indianapolis, IN: Wiley. ISBN: 978-0470568408 Approximate Retail Price: $15
    Available at: www.amazon.com/dp/0470568402/ref=rdr_ext_tmb