Gillian Squirrell, BA. MA, MSc, MBA, PhD, FRSA

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Part-time Director of Research and Faculty member
Bergin University of Cynology
Director and Principal Consultant
E2RC: Evaluation, Engagement, Research and Consultancy
Working Dog LLC

Biographical Statement
Gillian has had long career as a broad based social scientist in universities and research institutes. She has designed and led over 38 funded research, evaluation and consultation programs; many of which informed social policy developments in the UK in social justice areas of homelessness, employment, education, offending and substance misuse. She has worked with the non-profit sector, both as social entrepreneur and evaluator. She also has a background and expertise in organizational development. This rich background informs her research and business development teaching.

She has long had a concern to link what happens in academia to day-to-day life and vice versa; this drove her to set up and manage a residential project for offenders in the UK that had an action research base. This commitment led, more recently, to her designing and leading several programs to help scientists and engineers better engage with public groups. Her recent books, Engagement in Practice and Evaluation in Action, aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Gillian is interested in the development of research, evaluation and public engagement methodologies in the fields of animal advocacy and management, and she is currently writing a book on research and evaluation methods specifically for this readership.

As an active and action based researcher Gillian has been combining her past work with socially excluded adults, and her passion for working with dogs to develop a program of cognitive and behaviorally based canine facilitated group work for adults presenting with a range of social issues. This project, Working Dogs Working Lives, was presented at two conferences in the summer of 2012, Minding Animals and 3rd Canine Science Forum.

A volunteer at the Sonoma Humane Society she walks dogs and is involved with dog training.

HSU Activities
Courses Taught
College of Arts and Sciences HL 640 Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
HL 606 Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

Areas of Interest/Research

  • Human Animal Interventions especially: developing evaluation strategies for canines and other animals, with emphasis on their assistance, therapy and service work with people.
  • Canine cognition
  • Participatory research and evaluation methodologies.
  • As a consultant working with organizations on feasibility studies and program development.
  • Public engagement and participation: communication about complex issues and increasing participatory decision-making.
  • Culture change within organizations.
  • Design and development of organizational evaluation strategies.

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