Humane Education

Department Course Offerings

  • HL600 Humane Education

    This course examines the history and theory behind the teaching of kindness to animals and explores some of the most important topics in contemporary studies of humane education. These topics include the development of empathy, the theory of transference, controversy inherent in teaching ethical subject matter, how humane education is situated within other educational frameworks, and the evaluation of humane education's impacts and outcomes. 3 credits

  • HL670 Promoting Critical Thinking Through Humane Literature

    Stories are one of the world's oldest teaching techniques and have long been used to communicate moral virtue and social norms. This course will review the connection between stories and growth of critical thinking skills which that lead to empathetic action towards people and animals. Topics include recognition of the elements of a humane-themed narrative, utilization of age and content appropriate literature across the curriculum, creation of critical thinking questions, and incorporation of literature into current curricula. 3 credits

  • HL679 Humane Education Final Project

    Students will complete an approved applied research project or practical project designed in conjunction with a faculty advisor and/or an external mentor. Thesis or project topics must be approved by the faculty advisor. The research project will be documented by a written report, which will be suitable for the portfolio. 3 credits