Treatment for Animal Abuse

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in the Treatment for Animal Abuse (a program of the Humane Leadership Department) provides aspiring and seasoned clinicians the opportunity to gain college credit while expanding their knowledge base and skills with an additional therapeutic modality. As a growing number of states pass legislation making animal neglect/abuse a felony the need to clinically address these illicit acts also rises. The certificate is designed to broaden students’ fluencies as an extension of formal behavioral health academic instruction (e.g., social work, psychology, psychiatry), and not a replacement thereof.

Students who graduate with a Graduate Certificate in Treatment for Animal Abuse will be able to:

  • Differentiate among tools designed to identify and assess juvenile and adult animal abuse.
  • Reconstruct variables descriptive of juvenile and adult populations who abuse animals.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of the research literature related to professional practices and the ability to synthesize and interpret relevant literature in the construction of a theoretical framework for the Treatment of Animal Abuse.
  • Demonstrate interventions directed to eliminating animal abuse.

Admission Requirements for Graduate Certificate in the Treatment for Animal Abuse

Students who have graduated, or have at least completed one year toward a Masters or Ph.D. degree from an accredited college/university in a health and human service discipline, such as social work, psychology, nursing, counseling, or psychiatry, are eligible to apply for admission into this graduate certificate program.

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