Animal Behavior Consultant


Pet behavior consultants typically work with pets and their owners to help modify pet behaviors that are presenting problems for their owners. Some may also engage in animal training activities. They may have their own businesses or may be employed by animal shelters, veterinary clinics, or other animal related entities.

Background and Education

Because this field is unregulated, the background and education of those offering pet behavior consulting services varies widely.

Pet behavior consultants include certified applied animal behaviorists who have graduate degrees in the science of animal behavior, board certified veterinary behaviorists who have post-graduate training in behavior after veterinary school, general practice veterinarians, dog trainers who also offer behavior consulting services, and other individuals who are self-taught, who may have attended workshops or seminars on pet behavior, or just have on the job training.

Animal Behavior Society

Sample Job Description Animal Behavior Manager (in a shelter setting)

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